Choose Ladies Ethnic Wear according to body Type

Women can play down the negatives of their physical appeal or enhance the positives by choosing ethic wear according to their body type.
In this article, we will be mentioning tips to choose ladies ethnic wear to flatter different body types:
1.    If you have the hourglass figure, you can wear almost any type of ethnic clothing; however, classic kurtas or fit and flared tunics will look great on you. If you choose ethnic clothing with a narrow waist, you can accentuate your curves. Try not to wear patterned knits or ill fitted suits as they can make you look broad on the chest and rear.
2.    Kurtas with collars or detailing around the neck and waist are ideal for pear-shaped women, having large hips and thighs. The idea is to choose ethnic clothing that draws attention to the upper torso and slender waist. Collar or detailing around the neck will help in accentuating the leaner upper body. Experts recommend pear-shaped women to wear pastel shades with bottoms in dark color. This will help in streamlining their lower body. They can also wear pipe bottoms or Patiala pajamas for camouflaging.
3.    For women with an apple-shaped body, V neck kurtas or a simple A-line cut kurta without pleats and gather will work well. Apple-shaped bodies have a fairly large tummy and a big bosom therefore; any type of clothing that draws attention to the torso should be avoided. It is recommended to wear cotton fabric as it fits the body well and makes the person look slimmer.
To avoid focus on the heavy torso, women can wear dupatta on one shoulder. When wearing dark colored ethnic top, always choose a light colored bottom. Fitted churidars or skinny jeans can be worn to draw attention to slender legs.
4.    Women with square-shaped body have no curves so it becomes necessary to find ethnic clothing that gives an illusion of curves in the right place. They can wear tunics or kurtas with a wide neck or flares as it will take the focus away from the boxy look. Tight-fitting kurtas should be avoided as it will emphasize the body shape whereas ill-fitting kurtas will show no curves at all.
Choosing a reputed wholesale seller of kurtis
If you have clothing store and you wish to buy wholesale kurtis, make sure you do some research. There are several wholesale clothing sellers in the market but not all can be trusted as far as quality of clothing is concerned. A reputed seller will ensure that only good quality clothes are sold at a competitive rate.

There are several product and review websites from which you can get to know which seller is good. In order to narrow down your search, jot down names of few sellers you like and compare their rates and variety on offer. This will help you finalize names you would want to get in touch with. Contact each seller directly and ask them to show you samples.


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