Care and Keeping of Embroidered Anarkali Suits

Embroidered salwar suits need some extra care because inappropriate cleaning or hard washing can cause damage to the delicate embroidery. These types of clothes need to be washed with lukewarm water mixed with mild detergent.

Never bleach embroidered anarkali suits or else it will discolor the fabric. By taking extra care of your clothes, you will be increasing the life of the embroidery as well as the fabric. The fabric will remain soft and shiny and the color of the thread work or bead work will stay for a longer time.

Here are few tips to wash saris or salwar suits with embroidery:
•    Use lukewarm water with mild detergent to wash the clothes
•    Don’t use any detergent that includes bleaching chemicals like sodium carbonate, peroxide or chlorine
•    Never leave the clothing item soaked in water for a long time or else it will damage the smoothness and color of the fabric
•    Avoid line drying or wiring out embroidered cloth

You should follow the care instructions on the clothing label. If there is a stain, it is recommended to do spot cleaning of the stain rather than washing the entire piece of clothing.  When using a washing machine to wash embroidered clothes with crystals, you can first place the items in a mesh laundry bag so that even if a crystal falls, you can find it easily and reattach it later.
Find a Reputed Clothing Manufacturer

If you want the embroidery to look as new as the first time you bought it, make sure you buy clothes from a reputed clothing manufacturer. There are several wholesale kurtis and salwar suits manufacturers in the market. You need to do some research in order to find a company that is reputed yet affordable.

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