Hairdo Tips for Indian Designer Suits for Ladies

No look is ever complete without the right accessories and hairstyle. Here are a few tips and tricks to add zing to your ethnic attire:

Buns are a perfect complement for any Indian apparel. You can tie a loose bun or dress up in a pretty pouf bun. This look usually goes well with sarees. If you are feeling bold, you can try a braid and make a bun look like a braided bun, puffed bun, ruff bun, upside bun or bun with a braid.

Braids are in vogue right now. There is a myriad of different innovative braid styles to choose from. You can opt for a messy braid or a side French plait. Fishtail braids are the latest trend and look great when you wear designer anarkali suits wholesale in India. You can get creative and even pick a zigzag hair parting.

A ponytail is a great alternative, especially if you are running short on time. Whether you choose a low ponytail or high one, just remember to keep the look sleek and neat. If you are in the mood to experiment, you can try a combination of a braid and a ponytail.

If you have healthy, long hair, then let your gorgeous tresses flow. This is a classic and chic hairstyle that never goes out of fashion and goes well with any ethnic look.

You can also glam up your ethnic outfit with a maang teeka. There is a wide variety of maang teekas available in the market. These include the side jhumar and a multi chain head band cum teeka. Even a simple, traditional maang teeka will work. So there are various stylish hairdos that you can try when you wear an elegant Indian designer suit for ladies.


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