Different Types of Salwars that you can Pair with a Kurti

Salwars are easy to wear and quite comfortable. You can pair them with any type of kurti and create an elegant look. But if you are bored of the same salwar suits wholesale design, here are five different types that you can try to create a new look every time you wear a kurti.

Patiala salwar

This type of salwar gets its name from Patiala, a famous city in Punjab. It has pleats that start from the waist and have folds behind the legs. This type of salwar has a lot of pleats and requires double the length of fabric for stitching a normal salwar. Since there are so many pleats, it is a bit heavy to wear. You wear Patiala salwar with a short kurti so that the pleats are visible.

Dhoti salwar

You can also opt for stylish dhoti pants or dhoti salwars with short kurtas. It has pleats around the thigh area that are loose at the upper leg area and taper down to the ankle. They give the look of a traditional dhoti.  Compared to harem pants, the gathered fabric is more visible in dhoti pants. This type of salwar can be worn with a well-fitted short kurti. However, women with pear-shaped bodies can avoid wearing such salwars or else it will add more volume to their hip area. You can choose from printed, patterned or embroidered dhoti pants to create a new look every time.

Aladdin salwar

This is also an interesting design that you can wear with your kurtis. It looks similar to the style of pants that the cartoon character Aladdin used to wear. This is a very trendy style that is famous among young girls. There are two styles that you can choose from- loose pants ends that have big cuff or pants that are extra wide between the legs like harem pants.

Sharara salwar

This type of salwar is basically a wide legged pant that is super comfy to wear. It can be worn with a long kurta and looks appealing on women who are tall and narrow. If you have a wide physique, it is recommended to not wear this salwar suit manufacturer in india.

Trouser salwar

Also known as cigarette pants, this type of salwar looks like you are wearing trousers. It gives a very neat and elegant look when worn with a straight cut kurti. They are usually available in ankle length and are perfect for office wear.


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