Manufacturers in Mumbai Do Export Kaftan and Traditional Wear Abroad

Indian traditional wear is basically cozy to wear which has influenced Kaftan manufacturers in Mumbai to adopt it to International fashion and export through own exporters.

The Kaftan influence

The Kaftan is traditionally worn as a coat or overdress and it is designed as per the ethnic background of the regions all over the world. Today the kaftan manufacturers have given a different dimension and style that sync with various regional traditions. The kaftan is lightweight, loose-fitting garment designed in the traditional way and also as a designer wear. The ready-made kaftans have great demand as party wear for special occasions, and other outdoor activities. The fabrics used for kaftan are as varied as:
•    Wool, Rayon
•    Cashmere, Georgette
•    Silk, Satin
•    Cotton
•    Chiffon
•    Viscose
Type of fabric you choose depends on the occasion, whether it is for beach activities, evening get-togethers, summer wear, winter wear, etc.

Export of Kaftan

Indian traditional wear is fast adapting to the modern fashion trends and yet keeping the traditional values as the most important aspect that gives a touch of Indian ethnic art to the contemporary designs. Exporters and manufacturers in Mumbai constantly strive to cater to the needs for traditional wear and Kaftan in India and in International markets. Kaftan manufacturers make bespoke Kaftans suitable for different occasions and regions. Some of the customer centric designs are:
•    Moroccan Kaftans
•    Arabian kaftans (Caftans)
•    Turkish Kaftans
Kaftan manufacturers in Mumbai provide unique design and style such as hand embroidered Kaftan, hand embroidered long Kaftan, hand embroidered-printed Kaftan, stone embellished Kaftan, etc, apart from creating daily wear, office wear, and tunics to party wear. Kaftans are hassle free to wear and make you appear chic and awesome.
The appreciates the hard work put in by Indian traditional wear and Kaftan manufacturers and the efforts taken by exporters in Mumbai to cater to the international market.


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