Manufacturers’ Contribution to Modern Salwar and Anarkali Suits

The contemporary Salwar suits and the embroidered Anarkali suits manufacturers have crafted the Indian Ethic clothing for women to blend with the alluring modern fashion.

The Ethnic roots

The Indian women’s clothing in the form of Salwar Kameez is considered to be very comfortable to wear in tropical regions and looks very feminine and elegant. The Ethnic pattern Salwar suit is of loose fitting design and very practical to wear for day-to-day chores. The designs and patterns of Salwar suits vary from region to region and also vary in the type of material used as per the occasions like a family get-together, weddings, outdoor activities, etc. Some of such kinds of Salwar suits are:
•    Anarkali Salwar suits, Straight Salwar suits
•    Palazzo Salwar suits, Punjabi Salwar suits
•    Churidar Salwar suits, Patiyala Salwar suits
•    Designer/wedding/party wear Salwar suits
The manufacturers of Salwar suits engage in researching the fashion trends in different market segments and have their team of fashion designers to craft unique designs to keep up with the fast changing fashion trends.

Anarkali suits

The Anarkali Salwar suits have a unique niche market both in India and in other countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Mauritius, France, etc. The combination of traditional and modern designs make the Anarkali suits the most coveted fashion collection in the globe. Some of the unique range comprises of:
•    Floor length Anarkali suit
•    Embroidered bodice and printed Anarkali
•    Floor length embroidered Anarkali
•    Floral Anarkali, Net Anarkali, All occasion Anarkali
•    Embroidered velvet jacket with Kalidar suit
The manufacturers of Salwar and embroidered Anarkali suits are also wholesalers and suppliers of various types of modern double layered Anarkali suits in the global market.

The author feels that the manufacturers of Salwar suits and embroidered Anarkali suits have become premium suppliers to the wholesalers and cater to the global fashion needs.


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