The timeless Anarkali pattern incorporated in ladies suits in India

Anarkali suits take the pride of place among traditional attires such as Salwar Kameez and Salwar suits with its heavy handwork that is sold through wholesale suppliers in India.

The trend setting Anarkali suits

The traditional Salwar Kameez is being worn in India for its sheer comfort and shape that is most suitable for tropical countries. The Anarkali suit is from the same category as that of Salwar Kameez but has more intricate patterns, stunning color combinations, and shapes. The Anarkali suit generally come in a set of 3 comprising the Kurti or the top that is reaching up to the waist level, the Salwar which is also known as Churidar is the tightly worn trousers that reach the ankles and are buttoned at the ankle so that the Churidar does not ride up the leg when bending the leg, and lastly a Dupatta made of very thin and fine fabric that is wrapped around the neck and the shoulder in a free flowing way.  Manufacturers and suppliers of Anarkali suits flood the wholesale market with Antalkali suits sporting simple designs to heavy embroidered patterns such as:
•    Embroidered bodice with printed Anarkali
•    Floor length Anarkali suits
•    Floor length embroidered Anarkali
•    Net Anarkali
•    Floral Anarkali
•    Hand embroidered Indo Western Anarkali suit
•    Hand embroidered Lehenga Anarkali

The versatile Anarkali suits

The versatility of the design, shape, and colors make the Anarkali suits a favorite for all occasions, whether it is wedding, party, birthday, office wear, or going for a movie. It gives a touch of elegance and grace to women of all age groups and stand apart as a unique style that cannot be ignored.  In the contemporary fashion world, there are many designer suits for women designed for various occasions that go well with the ambience and mood such as:
•    Embroidered Kora design
•    Kutch embroidered suit
•    Embroidered Abaya style suit
•    Apple cut Punjabi suit
•    Straight cut suit with Kali
•    Center panel cut embroidered suit
In India as well as the rest of the world the cotton Anarkali suits are most favored for its trendy designs and cool comforts during summer.

The author opines that in India the manufacturers have a network of wholesale suppliers of Anarkali suits designed with heavy embroidery and embellishments for the up market.


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