An Indian ladies suit is a fashion to stay forever

Traditional wear seems like an eternal fashion in India. Women of all age groups have continued to own ethnic wear in India. The designs and styles have undergone many changes amongst designer kurtis in India. However, each style has continued to keep the basic layout. The trend of kurtis has now stretched to daily wear. Women wear it regularly for office and many styles have been played with to give it a professional look. Indian ladies suits are comfortable attire that many here will rightly claim. The decade or two have even seen a stark shift from sarees to salwar kameez more with older age group than ever before.

It is comfortable and easy to maintain and seem to fit appropriately for any occasion. There are various styles that you can dabble from straight fit to A-line Kurtis, Anarkali to Indo-western cuts, the choices are endless. When selecting a Kurti there are many things you need to keep in mind. It is important to keep the place where you plan to wear in mind the most. The style has to be appropriate to the occasion and avoid looking out of place. The criteria are the same when selecting a colour you should be dabbling between subtle to bold. This also largely depends on the nature of the occasion. Subtle and mature colours are suitable for professional and formal religious occasion whereas bold and jazzy look fits in well with fun and celebration. Most important thing to keep in mind is the fabric as it must suit the weather it is worn in. The choice of fabric has to be made with comfort as foremost in mind. Cotton has been the most comfortable and wanted fabric in India but it is not the most suitable for the formal occasion it is best to substitute it with linen instead. It is true as they say ‘you look good as you feel good’.


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