Outfits designed as Ethnic Wear in India is a great success

A casual outfit has been taken over by Western wear in India. The major factor has been the comfort and the long period of sustainability added with harsh wear and tear offered by jeans. It is easier to pair any t-shirt or top with jeans. Western wear has been adapted by the kids and teenagers largely. The working going women have yet to completely forgo of the Indian wear such as Kurtis. The garment industry has adapted to this change and created designs that are compatible for everyday office wear.  These changes have ensured that the ethnic wear in India is here to stay.
Designers in India are rapidly developing styles and incorporating customer needs to create outfits that do have the touch of ethnicity in it. Kurti has got a complete makeover in style. Ethnic Kurti is no more just box style or an A-line. Now there are various styles which have cuts, fusion patterns, and embellishments that make them unique and set them apart from their older styles. Some things that distinctively strike as an ethnic wear is mostly dependent on four things that are the prints, colour, type of fabric, and the style of the outfit. Cotton has been a dominant fabric in India for centuries. This is due to the weather conditions that make them more comfortable to wear. Also, India has been the second largest producer of cotton in the world which makes it easily affordable and accessible to us.  Followed by that is Linen though a costly fabric comparatively has gained a lot of popularity over the centuries. It has been especially considered in styles for business formal to business casual the texture of the fabric can blend as good as cotton fabric. Selecting cotton or linen fabrics with colours that are earthy along with prints that are traditional designs gives a much-needed touch to turn the outfit into an ethnic wear.


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