Latest collection of Indian designers suits for ladies

The best part of the Indian formal wear that any Indian any women would swear by is the comfort level it provides with the ethnic touch. This is mostly true with the embroidered Salwar Suits that is most commonly found in every Indian woman’s wardrobe collection. Woman of every age group own at least one of them as the years have passed it has earned the reputation of ‘a must have’ in your wardrobe. The Indian designers’ suits for ladies have been constantly evolving in style and as well as designs have definitely made them stay in trend.
This is definitely true in the case of embroidered Anarkali suits that have taken the fashion circuit by storm. It has been the favourite formal ethnic wear. They are spotted in almost every fashion ramp and red carpet scenes by celebrities. It has been a complete hit and today even for a wedding function it is not just the bride but also many guests look forward to wearing the embroidered Anarkali suits in India especially for the functions that are more traditional and involve religious rituals. At the same time, it is noticed by large the Indian designers’ suits for ladies is more favoured by the women from the older age group.
Anarkali is usually designed in Georgette, Chiffon, and even in Silk fabrics. Since the basic design has many gathers it is important that the fabric used should have a strong flowy characteristic. In contrast, an embroidered salwar suits been designed in straight or A-line in style makes almost any fabric is suitable for it. From formal wear to casual wear any Indian ethnic is incomplete till you do not accessorise them well. A dupatta along with a Salwar Suit is an essential element that goes hand in hand with it however it is not necessarily suitable for all Anarkali as most of them are designed to give a gown type look. Though they both are considered as an Indian ethnic wear they both have a different look to it. The concept of accessories that is worn also differs with the style, as many fashion stylists are of the opinion that with a salwar suit you can experiment with any accessory like Jhumki, dozen bangles, and even anklets whereas with Anarkali since they are basically heavier than the salwar suit it is advisable to follow the thumb rule of just wear one chunkier jewellery at a time. Many prefer to wear a chunkier or heavy chandelier type of earrings paired with probably a bracelet and a wrist watch. In the case of Anarkali’s minimum is the key since they are quite a heavy outfit in itself.


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