Set a new trend with party wear indo western gowns

Fashion has gone through a huge transformation over the years. There is a clear demarcation between the casual wear and the formal party wear over the years. New styles have set a breaking record in the fashion circuit and this is all due to the fact that many designers are now focused on the on the comfort level of the client rather than the style itself shares the wholesalers of Kurtis. This is especially true when it comes to Kurtis, though it existed always as an ethnic wear. However, in the recent decade or so there have been new patterns and cuts that are incorporated into them which has made them very popular amongst the college goers and the young professionals like never before. They wholesalers of Kurtis have introduced affordable range of Kurtis that makes it easy to add them in their wardrobe collection.
Designer Indo Western gowns are the new addition to the party wear. This has been an instant hit with many female celebrities. They were spotted at most of the red carpet events along with film and television award shows as well. They are a new style that has a blend of western fashion with ethnic touches creating a harmonious design party wear Indo Western gowns. They are designed more in shades of creams, pastels and over all lighter colour which is completely opposite of the ethnic wear that is designed mainly in darker and earthier colours. The best part of the party wear Indo Western gowns is that they are simple to carry as the style does not demand much of accessories. In western fashion, the thumb rule would be to wear just chunky jewellery and only one without overdoing it. The key here is to keep it simple and one is all you need. Designer Indo Western gowns are best when paired with a chunky bracelet or a chandelier dangling earrings and you are good to go. The next thing that you want to concentrate is on the right footwear and many stylists suggest the best kinds are the ones with styles mainly stilettoes, however if the occasion is it demands you to be on your feet for long that it is advisable to wear the wedges. No matter it is suitable that you wear them with footwear that has heels as this style has many gathers and are floor touching in length which if you are not careful while walking might face the danger of trip over and hurting yourself. Once you are set with the accessory and the footwear then all that is left with is a clutch or a tiny diamond studded purse to complete your formal party wear look which is subtle and yet elegant.


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