Dynamic range of High Fashion Garments in India

Fashion in India is a blend of ethnic wear and western fashion. Passing time has brought many changes that have introduced new styles and patterns all over the fashion world. There have many patterns that have been incorporated in the ethnic wear and many of them would have made into the list of high fashion garments in India. This change has also happened due to the awareness that many customers have with the globalization. The list of styles and patterns found in Indian fashion is has found its place in theinternational fashion circuit.
Many women from the younger age group prefer a blend of ethnic and western wear as an ideal daily wear. This is mainly due to the stylish outlook that it provides and at the same time gives the comfort as well which is the essential part of the daily wear. There are many Kaftan manufacturers that admit that Kurtis and Kaftans are two of the most altered fashion to suit the current fashion demand. They are the most worn casual wear amongst the college goers and the young professionals found in metropolitan cities of India. Kaftans are known as the beachwear as most part of the Western countries contrast to some countries in the middle east where they are considered as the traditional wear. Of course, there is a wide difference between the Middle East and the Western style as the beachwear is mostly made with the fabric that is sheer and flowy like the chiffon and they are generally just about knee length. Whereas the traditional Kaftans are more of full length and they are made with thicker fabric and without any patterns and are boxy in shape. The formal Kaftans are heavily embroidered which makes them look richer. The latest of the new designs that are worn as the casual outfit as more of mid-thigh length and made with various fabrics like the cotton and the linen and these are also known as Tunic in the western fashion scene shares the Kaftan manufacturers. They are not as heavily embroidered and also made different patterns and styles, unlike the traditional Kaftans. These are excellent to paired with Palazzos, skirts, leggings and Jeggings and even denim which also the reason to add them to high fashion garments in India list.


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