Designer Indo Western gowns are the trendiest outfits to wear on a formal occasion

In India, traditional wear is quite an essential item in your wardrobe for the formal occasions. The demand for the formal traditional wear is always on demand however in the recent year it has seen a shift in style and designs. Many Indian designers have been influenced by western cuts and styles that have been incorporated while designing the traditional wear. This drift has slowly been accepted mostly in the urban crowd. Designer Indo Western gowns are easily spotted worn by most women on formal occasions and wedding functions. It is more seen in an occasion that is more to do with fun and non-religious. Unlike the traditional outfits which are still the most accepted form of formal wear in a ritualistic and religious function.
The Indo Western gowns in India are a blend of style, colours and cuts fused together to create a formal wear. There is a strong influence of the western styled patterns in these designs. In their initial creations, they were restricted to just one colour that is Black making them lose their charm soon after thus creating a demand to incorporate more colours. The colours that are usually used by the designers in India for the Indo Western gowns are the creams and pastels. These colours create that softness which is a common characteristic of a western wear. To complete the look the accessory with the makeup and the sandals play an important part. Chandelier or chunky drop earrings are the best to be worn with these in party wear Indo Western gowns. It is advised by stylists not to don on too much of heavy jewellery or refrain from combining extreme traditional jewellery pieces as they do not go well with the look that you would be trying to create. Paired with a delicate pendant chain would be the most suitable neckwear for jewellery that would accentuate the neckline. Heels are your BFF when it comes to western gowns or Indo Western gowns. Footwear is as important and the preferred styles of footwear that match with the Indo Western gowns are with stilettos, mules, pointed pumps and even wedges.


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