New trend launched by High Fashion Garments in India

Fashion has always been evolving and has been the most consistent to keep changing as time passes. This has always adapted to the needs of the customers and made sure trends involved new designs with unique cuts without compromising the comfort factor. High Fashion Garments in India are the best example of that, as they have ensured that the ethnic wear stays in style always in the fashion circuit. One such trend has been reviving the Kaftan which was the most favourite outfit in the 60’s shares the kaftan exporters. There have been introduced with a lot of different designs and even cuts. They are no longer the boring boxy type garment rather they are more stylish and affordable today, especially the embroidered kaftans with the wholesale sellers.
This trend has brought about a new face to the age old sheer Kaftan which was primarily considered a part of the beach wear and in some regions of the world they longer and floor touching that was a part of their traditional and ethnic wear notes the kaftan exporters. They are part of ‘a must have’ in women’s wardrobe collection all over the world. they have been designed with new cuts and styles that have makes them consider as a casual wear as well as formal wear in most of the fashion circuits and as a part of high fashion garments in India. Many designers have been encouraged by the incredible success of Kaftans and launched their own collection of Kaftans as well. The new designs and unique cuts are also seen with the embroidered kaftans in wholesale and they have fast become the favourite with many women especially in the metropolitan cities. They range from the casual to formal wear and that is also true when it comes to the price range. Usually, they are designed in flowy fabrics like the Georgette, Chiffon, Satin and even Silk but there are many designers who have launched their collection of Kaftans that are made in various other ethnic fabrics like the Ekat and Chanderi also giving an Indian touch to it. Many women admit that Kaftan is easier to carry due to the sheer quality of the fabric used to design them also the fact that you really don’t have to be super formal with them. It is easy to pair them with Jeans, Leggings or even Jeggings and you are all set to go. There are also the kaftans that are much longer in length like a dress and they are can be worn without any bottoms especially the ones that are floor touching in length. Minimalism is the key with Kaftan, you really don’t need to wear an elaborate accessory- one chunky bracelet or a dangling earring is the trick here.


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