Kurti Manufacturers in mumbai are creating new trends

Comfort in a casual and daily wear is the essential element sort after. After all, you spend your whole day wearing it and going through with your tasks. The probably is what led to the popularity of the western fashion in India. Jeans and T-Shirt became the most worn and favoured outfit by women in the metropolitan cities of India. The loss was tremendously suffered especially by the wholesale salwar suits and other ethnic clothing industry. Solution to this was incorporating changes to the Indian ethnic wear that would make it compete with its western counter part and thus the designers focused on reintroducing Indian Kurtis in the fashion circuit.
Kurti manufacturers in India designed styles that adapted the comfort level and functionality yet had the basic ethnic style in place. They admit that the popularity of T-shirt was too daunting, to begin with, however; when the designs of the Kurtis were launched they were an instant hit with many women in India. It was not just the metropolitan cities but women in a small town also adapted to this fashion trend noticed the Kurti manufacturers in Mumbai. The style was simple and yet elegant and was perfect to be worn with a pair of Jeans. This is essentially led designers to explore more designs that would have new cut and styles to the already existing basic Indian Kurti. It also gained popularity amongst the western women as well and soon became an essential part of their wardrobe though they are known as Tunic, which is a bit longer in length than the usual Kurti. It is convenient and easy to just pair up with trousers and jeans and worn as a casual wear says the Kurti manufacturers in India. They were no longer just limited to the earthier and dark colours instead the most popular of them are available in softer, pastel and bright shades. They are the favourite amongst the young college goers and the professional working women. Its convenience and economical price factors make them affordable and attractive according to the Kurti manufacturers in Mumbai. Today the Kurti is not just limited to cotton there are designs that are available in Satin, Silk, Georgette, Linen and even in a synthetic fabric as well.
Fashion stylists have shared many tips that can add value to your simple looking Kurti by simply adding some accessories like the Indian Jhumki. Kurti no matter how evolved it is in design it still remains ethnic at heart and wearing Indian accessories like the silver jewellery are the best choice. Also to turn around a simple Kurti into formal wear you can use that best compliments it. Choose a silk scarf and turn it into a stylish necktie and you have just got yourself a formal wear.


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