Wholesale kaftan suppliers present range of high fashion collection

Style and fashion have always gone hand in hand for ages all over the world. The fashion world has consistently been evolving and they always ensure to keep the style quotient in check along with it. As times have changed so have the fashion, many new styles are launched and also many old patterns were reintroduced. One such style is the Kaftan, though it has been in and out of the fashion scene it has definitely stayed in the fashion circuit for ages admits the wholesale kaftan suppliers. They have been favourite style not just as an ethnic wear in some countries but also as a ‘must have’ outfit for women all over the world.
In the Western fashion scene, it is considered to be a part of the beach wear, which is usually made in the georgette or chiffon. They are usually designed with sheer and a flowy fabric says the Kaftan manufacturers in Mumbai. This has also encouraged many designers in India to incorporate Kaftan with an ethnic touch in the fashion range. They are available more in earthier and darker colours than the western counterparts that usually design them in the pastel and in cream shades. There are many designs that are heavily embroidered that make them an ideal formal wear. The designs have more of the paisley shapes that are typically found in Indian embroidery. The range of Kaftan is varied and is made for casual and formal wear in mind. This has certainly improved their demand as many Indian women feel they make a perfect fine dining outfit for the evening. Thus not just international but also the growing interests in most of the metropolitan city women have encouraged the exporters of salwar kameez to incorporate them in their present range. This has further advanced their popularity and many women have found experimenting with these new styles that are seen in the collection with most of the fashion labels. Many fashion stylists and kaftan manufacturers in Mumbai alike have felt that the main reason for their popularity has been due to the feasibility that it provides to the wearer. You can pair them up with a simple Jeans or leggings and you are good to go. They are also inexpensive when you are buying them from the wholesale kaftan suppliers. There are also styles available that are created longer in style and it can be worn as a single piece like a dress in itself. They do make a perfect party wear and even a formal wear. You get a complete look when you combine them with a pair of stilettos and just dangling earrings. Keeping it simple is the key so just bare minimum makeup and you are all set for the occasion.


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