Important qualities to check while purchasing kaftan

Kaftan is a free flowing dress that has gained its popularity in the market of Indian fusion ethnic wear. This dress is available in a multitude of designs and colours. This versatile attire is available in a variety of lengths and is manufactured using every kind of fabric possible. Indian designer kaftans can be used as multi-utility garment and an essential summer wear. But it requires an eye for detail to sport this gorgeous dress the right way. Here are some important tips that will help you flaunt it perfectly.
Research the fabric – A kaftan is usually made of flowy fabrics but it is also important to make sure that the dress suits the requirements of the occasion. Indian designer kaftans are available in a number of fabrics. The ones made of natural materials like cotton or silk make the perfect summer wear. Party and office wear kaftans look best when they are manufactured using fabrics like satin, georgette, rayon, and silk. The perfect fabric elevates your style and persona. With a stylish kaftan you’ll always be the centre of attention of every occasion.
Length – Kaftans are available in short and long length versions. The length of the kaftan plays a huge role in deciding the occasion on which it is perfect to wear. Medium-length printed kaftans when teamed with a pair of leggings look perfect for office wear. Short kaftans with jeans or shorts are best for outings and parties.
Long kaftans are best for wedding and other formal events. They are also perfect as a party wear where you can stand apart from the crowd. You can easily substitute it with an evening gown. Today it is easy to purchase embroidered kaftan from wholesale shops in a variety of lengths.
Accessories – A kaftan is a blend of Indian and western wear. This is why accessories are needed to suit its elegance. Because of its flowy appearance, the Indian junk jewellery looks the best with it. Large ear rings, beaded necklaces, and metallic bangles complement kaftans and easily make you a centre of attention. You can also sport nose ring if you have a penchant for experimenting with your look. Accessories like these will look the best and even wholesale kaftan suppliers recommend the same.
Esikaworld is one of the most trusted and reputed wholesale kaftan suppliers and have a huge collection that they keep updating on a regular basis. They are one of the best when it comes to embroidered kaftan at wholesale rates.


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